Had Enough of AFTVMedia (formerly Arsenal Fan TV)?

If you're reading this you probably have or at least are looking for an alternative to the chaotic post-match ranting. Sure, Arsene Wenger is gone but the toxic legacy of the Arsenal "fans voice" lives on and isn't going anywhere. After all, even the club themselves forced the group in question to change their direct affiliation with the Arsenal name. This being said there is a better way...

Introducing the Arsenal Review USA 'One Minute Review' - a weekly segment where fans from all over the world can truly have their say. You don't have to be at the Emirates or part of the away scheme all you have to do is record your thoughts, upload your video at the bottom of ArsenalReviewUSA.com and we'll do the rest.

Don't worry about making it perfect, we edit ourselves too (trust us), all we want is to give fans from far and wide a platform to speak up. You can check out the OMR playlist here or subscribe to the channel by visiting AFTVMedia.com.