A mouthwatering clash in Manchester, Forest making do without Awoniyi and Everton hosting in a real cauldron

Is Erling Haaland fit? He thinks so. Which of these gladiatorial contenders will adopt a higher line? Might there be touchline antics from Pep Guardiola and J├╝rgen Klopp? And which of the Premier League leaders and the second-placed side will emerge on top? For subplots, sideshows and headline narratives, Manchester City’s hosting of Liverpool on Saturday lunchtime is this weekend’s only game in town, such an enticing prospect that whatever occurs cannot – surely – be anything other than riveting. Haaland v Salah will be a duel of two supreme attacking forces so, if there is to be a victor, who defends best may be the defining factor in what is only match No 13 of each protagonist’s title challenge. Jamie Jackson

Manchester City v Liverpool, Saturday 12.30pm (all times GMT)

Burnley v West Ham, Saturday 3pm

Luton v Crystal Palace, Saturday 3pm

Newcastle v Chelsea, Saturday 3pm

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