I played at the top level for 20 years but still learn new things about football every day. That is the beauty of this game I love

By The Coaches’ Voice for the Guardian Sport Network

It’s a strange feeling, the last days of being a football player. Throughout my 20 years at the top level, I looked ahead to the day when I’d have to hang up my boots with a little panic. But in the world of coaching, I’ve found my passion. My role at the Serie B club Como 1907 is making me see the game in a whole new way, and it’s making this transition into life after playing a little easier.

I had first started thinking about becoming a coach after turning 30. Three years later, I was playing for Monaco when the coronavirus lockdowns arrived. In France the league stopped completely. Suddenly, I was confined to my house with a lot of free time. I had four months at home so dedicated myself to learning new things and improving the way I see the game.

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