An Arsenal victory at Anfield would be a real statement, while the run-in is looking increasingly fraught for struggling Leicester

Anfield can get to Mikel Arteta, as demonstrated by his bizarre preparations for last season’s 4-0 defeat in the ‘All or Nothing’ documentary. It can also get to Arsenal, who have not won at Liverpool for over 10 years and have conceded 37 goals, suffered two 5-1 defeats, two 4-0 defeats plus three 3-1 defeats in that time. There really is no better place for Arteta and his team to reinforce their transformation into title contenders. Or a better time. While Jürgen Klopp refuses to give up on Champions League qualification Liverpool’s prospects are fading along with their form. Klopp could not have made it clearer that his patience with an under-achieving squad is also evaporating than through the changes he made for Tuesday’s drab goalless draw at Chelsea. Liverpool are in desperate need of a spark and after six months out with a knee injury sustained against Arsenal, Luis Díaz might be the man to provide it. Andy Hunter

Liverpool v Arsenal, Sunday 4.30pm (all times BST)

Manchester United v Everton, Saturday 12.30pm

Wolves v Chelsea, Saturday 3pm

Tottenham v Brighton, Saturday 3pm

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