Led by a manager who is treading water, Tottenham are going nowhere, while their derby rivals kick on with commitment

After the final whistle, after the booing and brawling had subsided, as Arsenal’s giddy players jigged and danced their way over to their supporters in the corner, Yves Bissouma stood alone in the Tottenham half watching them. Watching with longing, and envy, and perhaps even a certain curiosity. Joy? Pleasure? Celebration? What are these strange new things?

By that stage, of course, Bissouma’s teammates had long since retired to the warmth of the dressing room. They did not want to be there any longer, and nor did the Tottenham fans who were already slogging down the High Road in search of liquid consolation. Antonio Conte, as he never tires of telling us, does still want to be here. Ideally. Providing several important conditions are met. It can hardly be his fault, after all, that the club keeps disappointing him like this.

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