Key forwards return, pressure mounts on Brendan Rodgers and Eddie Howe takes on old club Bournemouth

The Premier League should not have postponed last weekend’s fixtures. If people are working, it is wrong to confiscate their recreation, and that’s before we consider fans who’d taken time off or paid for transport in order to watch their team. Moreover, there are families relying on football-related income to pay bills and eat food who had their right to earn removed without warning, while cricket, rugby union and – among others – polo had the self-confidence to continue. Football is called the people’s game because it was started for the people by the people – people who sought a bit of weekend fun to escape the drudgery of regular life and forget their place in the order of things, just for a few hours. The suits who’ve expropriated it since would do well to remember that. Daniel Harris

Nottingham Forest v Fulham, Friday 8pm (all times BST)

Aston Villa v Southampton, Friday 8pm

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