Kane and Firmino prove their quality, Gerrard’s management speak runs thin and Anthony Gordon shows his worth

In scoring the 200th and 201st league goals of his career, Harry Kane reminded us he is not just one of the best centre-forwards of his era but one of the best to ever play in England – and he’s still getting better. Though he is a terrific poacher, what makes Kane extra special is the touch, intelligence and composure that mean he is one of the most deadly players of all time from 15-22 yards – a skill illustrated perfectly in his first goal at the City Ground. His first touch opened up the picture, and his confidence to take the shot early, using the defender as a screen, meant that the keeper would be flat-footed. It was not the most emphatic strike – Kane called it a “scruffy finish” – but his swing was so smooth and true, it followed the line he planned for it anyway. Daniel Harris

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