Liverpool stepping up their title charge, Manchester United old boys scuppering Solskjær and Brighton letting it slip

It is a footnote to the weekend’s biggest story, but the final nail in Ole Gunnar Solskjær’s coffin was partly hammered in by four players who were at various points deemed not good enough for Manchester United. Ben Foster, Craig Cathcart, Tom Cleverley and Joshua King all made vital contributions to a Watford performance that brimmed with energy, intent and endeavour. United’s class of 2021 lacked all those qualities, and plenty more. They were simply overrun and, while Solskjær’s departure was both inevitable and correct, they might wonder whether a better engagement with the basics might have helped their old manager’s cause. After the final whistle Bruno Fernandes communicated to the away support that United’s players should take the brunt of their ire. In truth the blame for an unholy mess can be shared throughout the club, but Watford’s gang of old boys cast their successors’ efforts into stark relief. Nick Ames

Watford 4-1 Manchester United

Liverpool 4-0 Arsenal

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