• Clubs and Premier League settle on punishment payment
  • Sum is less per club than average squad member’s yearly salary

The six English clubs who attempted to join the European Super League have agreed a settlement with the Premier League in which they will pay £22m between them to causes that support “the good of the game”. The sum is more than was agreed with Uefa in a similar act of contrition but still amounts to less per club than they would pay an average squad member in a year.

A further agreement was struck on new rules to prevent such a breakway from happening again. In future any club agreeing to enter a competition without the consent of the league would pay a fine of £25m each and receive a 30-point deduction. Under the terms of the ESL, the six – Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham – had planned to continue playing in their domestic leagues as well as in the invitation-only competition.

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