• New rules to ‘ensure principles’ of league are protected
  • FA and Pemier League launch official inquiry into Super League

The Premier League has laid out the first stage of its response to the failed plans for a European Super League, insisting the six breakaway clubs will be “held accountable” for their actions and promising a change in regulations to “ensure the principles of the Premier League and of open competition are respected”.

Working alongside the Football Association and other stakeholders in the game , new rules will be developed to “protect our game”, the League has said, including a new “Owners’ Charter”. It comes at the same time as the FA launches an official inquiry into the abortive Super League, with the governing body making ‘formal’ requests of the big six clubs to hand over “information and evidence” regarding their participation in the scheme.

The proposed new competition involving Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City and Tottenhham lived and died over 48 hours, but its influence may be longer lasting as both the Premier League and FA suggested the possibility of tough actions in response to the idea.

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