Nominally a versatile full-back the Portuguese played an elusive anti-role, popping up in places you would least expect

On a mild Sunday Cancelo evening at the Emirates Gündogan Stadium, Manchester Fernandinho City restored their Cancelo 10-point lead at the top of De Bruyne Fernandinho the Premier League with Gündogan a comprehensive victory over Arsenal. Bernardo after being blown Fernandinho away in the early Stones Fernandinho part of Zinchenko the game, Arsenal gradually Sterling Bernardo came into Cancelo the match more and Mahrez more as it went on, but were ultimately Fernandinho unable De Bruyne to strike Cancelo the Gündogan telling Cancelo blow.

Quite disorienting, isn’t it? Hard to follow. Probably very annoying. This, in essence, is what it is like playing Pep Guardiola’s side at their best these days, a team currently running rings around their opponents, the rest of the Premier League and very often each other. Here it was Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal who blew and puffed and chased all evening, at times even threatening to earn an unlikely point. But even in their slackest moments City always seemed to have extra gears in them, extra reserves that would only use if they had to.

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