The show about 1980s and 1990s football on the year France conquered the world and a Frenchman conquered England

Stuck indoors, wary of other people and the outside in general, with hours and hours of time to fill for an indefinite period? Yeah, us too. It’s still a worrying time for everyone, and let’s hope that eases in 2021. Until it does, here at Nessun Dorma we’ve been creating content (apparently) in the hope that this will help pass some of this uncertain stretch while the world is righted.

We’re back for season four and so is our Patreon subscription service which helps cover our time, equipment and the occasional, late-night purchase of old football tat from the internet. If you feel like chipping in, you can get early access to ad-free podcasts, an exclusive bonus episode, a shoutout by one of our genial hosts and a say in what we talk about each month.

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