When Gabriel signed for his first club as a teenager, he only lasted a week. But he kept fighting and never gave up his dream

By Josué Seixas for Yellow and Green Football

Gabriel Magalhães had to travel nearly 500 miles for the trial that changed his life. He did not have enough money to stay in Florianópolis for more than a couple of days so Avaí FC had to make up their minds quickly. It took just one training session for Gabriel to convince the club he was their new centre-back. However, despite his obvious talent, his first stint with the club lasted a mere week. Gabriel was homesick in the south of Brazil and quickly returned to São Paulo to be with his family.

He was 15, cried a lot and had trouble fitting in with his teammates. Yet this was a chance to help his loved ones seal financial security. After speaking to his father, Gabriel called Diogo Fernandes, who still coaches at Avaí, and told him that he would like to return. Diogo agreed.

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He’s the type of player who cries if the team loses. This kind of feeling is very important.

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