Manchester United can’t rely on their defence, Crystal Palace could hurt the league leaders and Folarin Balogun looks ready

For all Ole Gunnar Solskjær’s talk of tradition, he tends to pick negative options when under pressure. This was understandable in the first half of last season because he had no midfield to speak of, but that is no longer so. Nevertheless, he still went into Tuesday’s match against RB Leipzig with two holding players in front of three centre-backs, against opposition playing without a traditional centre-forward – cowardly naivety that was deservedly punished. He is right to mistrust his team’s defending – though he signed three of those responsible for it – but the best way of combating that is to get the ball down the other end, not deliberately invite pressure. Should Solskjær try that against City, things could get embarrassingly messy, and looking longer-term – though he has done a decent job in repairing the mess that he found – it’s hard not to wonder how his team would do with the best possible manager. DH

Manchester United v Manchester City, Saturday 5.30pm GMT

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Everton v Chelsea, Saturday 8pm

Arsenal v Burnley, Sunday 7.15pm

Crystal Palace v Tottenham, Sunday 2.15pm

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Leeds v West Ham, Friday 8pm

Wolves v Aston Villa, Saturday 12.30pm

Southampton v Sheffield United, Sunday 12pm

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Newcastle v West Brom, Saturday 3pm

Fulham v Liverpool, Sunday 4.30pm

Leicester v Brighton, Sunday 7.15pm

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