A north London derby, Lampard v Bielsa and the probability of some David Moyes magic with West Ham

A year ago José Mourinho was widely being cast as a dour, retrograde choice for the Spurs job while Mikel Arteta was to be hailed as the man to drive Arsenal into a bright new future. The temptation might be to archly enquire how that is all going, but the more relevant point is that managers cannot always be pigeonholed. They may have one thing in common at Sunday’s north London derby, though: neither Mourinho nor Arteta is minded to be gung-ho in games of this magnitude, much as Arteta in particular might behave differently if he had a better-balanced squad. This looks likely to be a cautious affair given Spurs’ increasingly convincing designs on the title and Arsenal’s need to arrest a deeply concerning autumn slump. Both sides will be looking for their front men to make the most of chances. Harry Kane invariably does so, but can Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, badly out of sorts this season, rise to the big occasion once again? NA

Tottenham v Arsenal, Sunday 4.30pm (all times GMT)

Liverpool v Wolves, Sunday 7.15pm

Sheffield United v Leicester City, Sunday 2.15pm

Burnley v Everton, Saturday 12.30pm

Chelsea v Leeds United, Saturday 8pm

Manchester City v Fulham, Saturday 3pm

West Brom v Crystal Palace, Sunday, 12pm

West Ham v Manchester United, Saturday 5.30pm

Brighton v Southampton, Monday 8pm

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