Arteta has lost control at Arsenal, Benteke is finally flourishing, Parker has reshaped Fulham and Sheffield United are sinking

How much worse can it get for Arsenal? Against Burnley they were slowly gaining momentum before Granit Xhaka swung his hand and shattered Mikel Arteta’s fragile gameplan. From there, an own goal from their shot-shy striker brought defeat and boos from 2,000 scattered fans at the final whistle. This was almost too perfect an implosion, peak Arsenal taken to sobering new heights. It is tempting to feel sorry for Arteta, but this alarming new pattern of self-destruction is happening on his watch. His job role changed from head coach to manager in September, reward for a stellar first season. By broadening his focus, Arteta may have lost the steely grip on his squad that drew such impressive collective displays last season. Burnley were solid, organised and positive when the chance came; they looked like a team and Arsenal did not. That should worry Arteta just as much as the growing rap sheet of red cards. Niall McVeigh

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