Arsenal’s 44 attempts against Tottenham allowed the modern assumption that crosses are aimless punts, not a skill worth savouring, to take over once more

Cross 1, from Héctor Bellerín on the right, loops harmlessly towards the penalty spot. Cross 5 from Kieran Tierney is pinged low and tapped away by Eric Dier at the near post. Cross 7 forces Harry Kane into a scrambling clearance. Crosses 12-15, delivered in quick succession between 43 and 44 minutes, are all headed away. Cross 19 hits Steven Bergwijn and goes out for a throw.

Like all the best performance art, Arsenal’s attacking display against Tottenham revealed itself only in stages: slowly building us a universe, generating its own mesmerising, percussive logic. Cross 30 from Willian sails over Hugo Lloris, over everyone. But – surprise – this merely hastens the onset of cross 31, from Dani Ceballos on the opposite flank, which fails to beat the first man.

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