Who said goodbye? Who showed quick wits? Who was prepared?

Unai Emery’s career at Arsenal ended the way it started: with a defeat at the Emirates. Who beat Arsenal in Emery’s first game in charge?

Tottenham Hotspur


Manchester City

Leicester City

How many players captained Arsenal during Emery's time at the club?





It was a tough week for Arsenal. Not only did they lose a game and sack their manager, but they also embarrassed themselves on social media when they tried to wish Mexican football club Morelia happy birthday. What did Arsenal get wrong?

Morelia are not a real club. They were just invented for a Mexican soap opera

Morelia went bust and stopped playing eight years ago

Arsenal were wrong about the date of their anniversary and the age of the club

There are two clubs in Morelia and Arsenal spoke to their bitter rivals

Deontay Wilder fought Luis Ortiz on Saturday night in the 43rd fight of his professional career. What is Wilder's record?

43 fights, 43 wins, 43 knockouts

43 fights, 42 wins, 41 knockouts

43 fights, 43 wins, 40 knockouts

43 fights, 39 wins, 39 knockouts

Which sporting event this weekend is being held beside the world’s fastest rollercoaster?

The Davis Cup final

Abu Dhabi grand prix

Kingstonian v AFC Fylde in the second round of the FA Cup

Carl Frampton's fight against Tyler McCreary

Phil Jagielka played for Sheffield United in their 3-3 draw with Manchester United on Sunday. It was the first time he had started a game for them in the Premier League for 4,578 days. Who had an even longer gap between appearances for a club in the league?

Thierry Henry

Wayne Rooney

Jermain Defoe

Paul Pogba

Former baseball player Aubrey Huff – who won the World Series in 2010 and 2012 – says he is preparing in case Bernie Sanders becomes president next year. What is Huff doing before the election?

He has been teaching his sons how to shoot guns

He has "hidden all my money away so Sanders can't tax me"

He is learning Dhivehi in the hope he will be appointed diplomat to the Maldives

He is trying to take over the Los Angeles Dodgers and move them back to Brooklyn

Club Brugge scored a last-minute equaliser against Galatasaray in the Champions League on Tuesday night. Why were two of their players sent off before the end of the game?

They pushed the referee when he decided to do a VAR check on the goal

They started fighting about who had the last touch on the goal

The referee thought they had celebrated the goal too vigorously

After scoring, they gave the Galatasaray keeper the middle finger

Zlatan Ibrahimovic's decision to invest in Swedish football club Hammerby has angered fans of his former team Malmö. Ibrahimovic has a statue outside the Malmö stadium. What did their fans do to the statue?

They stuck 30 pieces of silver on to the statue

The hung a toilet seat on it

The spray painted it with the words: "Robbie Keane scored more goals for LA Galaxy than you"

They put a Finland shirt on it

Who was José Mourinho talking about when he said: "This kid today was brilliant. He reads the game, understands the game and made an important assist. He's living the game and playing it very well?"

The groundsman at White Hart Lane

Eric Dier, who he substituted after 27 minutes

One of the ballboys at White Hart Lane

Jamie Redknapp

1 and above.

Ah well. Have a great weekend

2 and above.

Ah well. Have a great weekend

3 and above.

Ah well. Have a great weekend

4 and above.

Have a great weekend

5 and above.

A solid score. Have a great weekend

6 and above.

Well played. Have a great weekend

7 and above.

Well played. Have a great weekend

8 and above.

Well played. Have a great weekend

9 and above.

You genius. Have a great weekend

0 and above.

Oh dear

10 and above.

You genius. Have a great weekend

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