Fans assess the best and worst of the opening stages – top performers, biggest mistakes and the funniest moments
Part two: Manchester City to Wolves

Best performance? Comebacks against Spurs and with 10 men against Villa were decent. Otherwise, lacklustre. Maitland-Niles being forced off to remove a gold necklace in-play against Vitória sort of sums things up so far.

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I want to howl at a referee error, scream at the injustice of it all, become apoplectic with rage at a missed red card tackle; I want to laugh my ass off when we score an offside goal against Spurs, grin like a lunatic when the wrong Manchester United player gets sent off, and guffaw when the ref overlooks a Liverpool stonewall penalty (as if…). The point is, our game is passionate not despite the flaws, but because of the flaws.

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